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Village at Stiles Point Website FAQs

How do I submit an application to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and how long does the process usually take?

You can download the ARC application and general rules for architectural review on this website.  Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully and include all required information and fees (if necessary).  Your application goes by mail or email ( to the HOA Board of directors and the ARC for review.  That review is generally accomplished in a matter of a few days.  The ARC then forwards the application with its’ recommendations to MJS Management Company, our community administrator, for further technical review.  The homeowner is then notified by mail when the review is completed and if the project is approved and under what conditions.  Please note that a project should be approved before delivery of materials or work on the project commences.


Does the neighborhood have social events or ways that neighbors can meet neighbors?

Yes.  The VatSP Social Committee ( is charged with planning events that encourage social interaction among our residents of all ages and interests.  Community events will be promoted via the website ( and community calendar.


Is there a neighborhood directory and, if so, how can I get it?

To protect the privacy of our residents, the directory (updated semi-annually) is available only by mail. If you need a directory, please send an email to


What is the process for reporting a violation of neighborhood rules?

The community general rules and a violation report form can be downloaded from the community website.  A completed violation report should be sent by email to the HOA Board of directors at  The report will be reviewed by the Board of Directors who will decide on – and implement - an appropriate action.  Every attempt will be made to keep the reporting party confidential.

Where can I view the HOA financials?

The first budget of the new HOA will be established and distributed to homeowners in the 4th quarter of 2021. Any questions can be directed to the board at .


Are fences and the sidewalk trees homeowner property and responsibility?



Are the streets community property and what do the signs saying “No Parking on Pavement” mean?

Our streets belong to the City of Charleston.  And we have no idea what the signs mean.


Where can I find information on garbage and recycling?

Customer service numbers can be found on the Links page of this website.

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